Please excuse the quality of this photograph!

Getting down at the left rear wheel well you can see the rear end, disk brake, and four link systems. The four link is designed to fit my car and it has very short link bars. There are four adjustment holes for the front of each link bar as well as two at the housing end. All ends are 4130 rod ends (ouch, the cost). A panhard bar locates the housing laterally. Some might argue that the diagonal link maybe better, but this works for me (so far). If necessary, I can always go to the diagonal locator link. The rear end was shortened such that the flange to flange (actually the hat flange) distance is 44.5 inches or so. This puppy is beefy using the large Ford bearings. Gears for Maxton are 3.89:1 which may be a little low. I have some 3.20 gears that may be used. I plan on 2.75 or higher for B'ville. I think I'll have the torque to pull them on this unaerodynamic brick of a car.

This photo show about the same as the one above, but what the hey, I took it so I'll use it. It better illustrates the fact that the rear brakes are big mamoo's. They are four piston Wilwood. Notice the large wheel studs. These are Mark Williams and are 5/8 inch diameter at the threads but 11/16 inch at the wheel. Nice fat washers to prevent pull through on the wheel and with flanged nuts. The axles are Dutchman 33 spline. Oh, the rear gears use a 33 spline Strange spool.

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