Ahhhh, the front air dam! What a challenge!! The front valence panel was almost rusted away, so I made my own. I carefully shaped a wood plank to the valence curve, and used this to fabricate two small angle iron frames. One frame is welded to the flat valence panel while the other is pop riveted to the air dam itself. There are 7 angle iron uprights spaced around the air dam and welded to the bottom curved frame. At the top there are bolted connections, seven in all, with 5/16 grade 5 hardware. There are a number of 8 - 32 socket head screws through the aluminum into the top frame rail to secure the curve there. At the bottom are 5 braces anchored to the frame and cross member which permit some adjustment to the shape and also prevent it from collapsing at speed. Very strong, it is! If you look at the rack and pinion installation page, you can see the braces. On each side, I fabbed a bracket to hold the turbo down pipe which exits through the air dam, upward and away from the salt and the driver. The bracket is welded to the upper frame around the valence. I did all this so I could remove the air dam, just in case the NHRA guys get picky. I can remove it, build another like original and install it. It only takes about a half hour to remove the air dam. Oh, the challenge, well including all the above, it is made of 6061 -T6 16 gauge. Now T6 is a heat treat and it was prett hard to shape this puppy. I incrementally bent and heated it slightly until I had the full curve, then let it age/restraint shape itself for a few days. Worked like a charm.

Also seen in this phots is the grill blank off plate. It is made from the same 16 gauge 6061-T6. It mounts with the grill surround chrome piece to hold it in place. Yes, I am including as much chrome and original pieces as I can. I want it to look like a Sunbeam. The blanking plate also hols the center Rootes badge as well as the chrome horizontal strips. Oh and I had to make everyone of the surround attachment fittings (8).

I am now working on fitting the headlight socket blank off pieces. I am using the headlight bucket, a round aluminum plate with standoffs to fill the eyebrow (headlight rim). I could have just blanked the holes off, but, I want to keep the Sunbeam Look.

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