Now you are standing by the passenger door looking down at the tranny. The transmission is an AOD from a '91 Mustang. It supposedly had been upgraded with internal parts, but that is yet to be seen. I have a 2800 rpm stall converter from TCI that will be used. So why dis I choose an automatic? Well for one, more torque capability. And no funky cluch mechanism is required and that's good because there is no room in the foot well for clutch of any kind. And I like that 0.68 overdrive. You gotta recognize that the entire Alpine floor structure from firewall back, including firewall was removed. I wanted open space such that I could do most everything from the top side so that I wouldn't be laying on my back working on stuff. I designed a firewall and constructed it from 16 gage sheet steel to meet rules requirements. Around the opening for the tranny hump is 3/16 bar stock drilled to match my home made tranny hump. With the removal of 2 million fasteners the hump cam be removed exposing everything that needs to be touched to remove the tranny. Can't ake it out through this opening, but close. All bell housing and flex plate shield bolts ara acccessible. As you can see, the original cross member was cut severely and thenboxed in. A new trans mount and bracketry was fabbed and welded in. Some thoughts are that stock trans and motor mounts are better, while others are that they should be rigid. Mine are in between: I sued donuts cut out of an old tire under the tranny and motor mounts to give some compliance whicl being pretty rigid. Harmonics should be dampened out. I will have to install a ballistic blanket for the tranny to be safe and meet NHRA requirements. I will use a B&M Pro Ratchet shifter to stir the gears. A PAW manual valve body is planned for the transmission (which also has a trans brake for drags).

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