This is the rear of the car looking down at the new battery box mounting location. Tradition has it that it shuld be mounted at the right rear wheel, but, I wanted access. So it is mounted along the centerline of the car. It has 4 bolts holding it down, two 3/8 inch bolts at the forward side and two 1/4 inch at the aft side. Battery hold down is through non removable (at least while bix is bolted in) j-bolts. Along side of the box is the ground stud which is welded to the main frame. All f the sheet metal seen in this view was replaced because the original metal was rusted mostly away. Also seen here is the rear clip frame members and the tubs. Ah, what joy...A royal pain in the butt. Everything is sealed. I will be installing removeable floor pan material so that I can get to the 9 inch pumpkin from the top.

Also seen in this photo is the parachute hitch peeking out from under. It is removeable and looks like a small trailer hitch. I designed it to take a 20,000 pund jerk. Just barely visible above the batterybox are two tension struts that go back to the hitch. All removeable.

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