Please excuse the quality of this photograph!

This photo is nearly the same as the Battery box photo, but shows a little better the rear coil over shocks. These are Aldan Eagles which have ride adjustment as well as coil compression adjustment. They are rebuildable. The ends of the coil overs are sperical bearing, like a rod end only much smoother. The lower attachment aor fitting to the housing is adjustable to effect any ride height I need. Not seen is the panhard bar which I designed to have some down angle on it so that the force vector tends to keep the left rear wheel on the ground by causing a whole body lift on acceleration. I sure hope it works. Just abrely visible is the rear brake line. Brake line are all stainless steel 3/16 diameter. single flare with tube sleeve. Maybe visible is the housing vent: it will use a flex hose to come over the coilover mount and turn down into a catch bucket. No greasy snot on the salt.

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