This picture shows the backside of the narrowed Ford 9 inch differential housing. No, this is not where it mounts - I just put it there for the pix. It is about 44 inches wide now. The housing axle ends are now big Ford using ball bearings which are huge. It has the panhard bracket, coil over shock brackets, and the 4 - link brackets welded on. Nice welds! I have Dutchman axles, 33 spline, and a Strange spool to fit in the housing when I get the gears and chunk. I don't know whether or not to get the Bonneville ratio, 2.75:1 now and try to sort the car with that at the drag strip or buy 3.89:1 for that. Any Ideas? The differential housing now has new fill and drain bungs and plugs. I have Wilwood medium duty disk brakes for this rear. And a proportioning valve. The wheel studs are 5/8 inch! Neat!

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