These are the two downpipes for the turbos. The one on the bottom is the left unit and the other is for the right one. They are both approximately the same length although that is hard to discern. Both are made from 2 1/4 inch aluminized exhaust tube. As you can see, the turbo fitments required some fancy cutting and welding. I had a piece of tube flanged at the local muffler shop, Clanton's by the way (he does good work). I cut the flange as close as possible and then cut and fitted the donut piece. Tacked everything together about a million times until I was happy then TIG welded. Not shown is the short piece that goes through the air dam which turns the flow upward and aft into the air stream. I will likely add a scavenge system to the down pipes to reduce the pressure in the crankcase. Not yet high on my list of things to do.

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