This picture shows some of the recent mods. The grey primer locates the changes pretty well. On each side, I welded in additional tube braces, one on each side, just next to the firewall. This is to give added stiffness in the event of a spin. Also added the little gusset where the tube frame meets the square box frame tube.

The R&P is a Flaming River unit for a Pinto. I spent hours correcting bump steer and then it dawned on me...aint no steenkin' bumps on the salt. The small "U" shaped plate welded to the frame is the driver's side motor mount position.

As you can see, not much left in the fender wells! I have to make up some sheet metal parts to block the salt from getting between the fender and cowl.

Notice the rust!

The wheels are Weld ProStars, 15 x 5.5 by 2 inch offset. I think, I am going by memory here. The front brakes are Wilwood. Struts are Art Morrison race units.

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