You are looking down into the engine bay from the drivers side at the wheel well. As you can see, the rack mounts on a tube welded to the box tube frame members. It is not far enough back to eliminate the acerman angle problem, but for a straight line car it should be ok. I did do a lot of fiddling around to make sure that bump steer was minimized, though. The rack is a Flaming River unit and is a Pinto unit. I had to cut the threaded ends from the rack tie rods and weld on a threaded tube for the female rod ends. I sure hope I did that right! The steering shaft can also be seen in this photo as well. I managed to fab the column unit such that it is a pretty straight shot to the main steering shaft in the col, if that makes sense. The shafts are solid steel instead of tube, but the u-joints are needle bearing types. Steering should be easy.

Also seen are the braces for the air dam. There are 5 of them, each hand fabbed and adjustable. Adjustment may be necessary to fine tune any air flow around the air dam. Jeeze, I love to say that. What isnot readily seen is the zillions of rust holes in the hinge support piece.

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