The red chunk is a spooled 3.89:1 diff. I designed the housing to fit and Art Morrison built it for me. The only thing I did not do right was the panhard bar. I simply could not get it level when everything was mounted in the car. If it is not level, then it moves the body around, a lot.

So I replaced it with a diagonal bar. That's it crossing just under the chunk. It is attached to the right rear lower mount to the left front lower mount. Loose now of course, because it is out of the car. I just left the panhard attachment in place...maybe someday?

As you can infer, the tires are BIG. Too big say the oldtimes. Well, we'll see. They are however, NASCAR tires and the wheels are Weld Pro Stars, 15 x 10 wide with a 6 inch backspacing. The oil filler and a small vent filter (anodized blue) can also be seen.

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