This picture shows the roll cage components. A big pile of iron. I designed the cage structure to be like those used on altereds at the drags. It has a double hoop over the driver with lots of cross bracing. Because the car is so short, I had to do some wierd stuff with the main hoop bar behind the driver. I have a small structural finite element program which I used to ensure that the design would not collapse on me in the event that I got the shiney side down and skidded on my head. It will be tight, but better that than rattling around in the event of an upset! All tubing is 1 3/4 inches with 0.134 wall. This meets all NHRA and dry lake standards. I wonder how I am going to put it together. Actually, this is not an idle thought: it will have to be installed, tacked, then broken apart at specific locations in order to get it welded correctly, then reassembled and finished welded.

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