Here you are standing at the front of the door opening on the passenger's side looking aft toward the left wheel tub. The main feature is the cage structure. The roll cage was designed by me to fit the body and was I sweating it! I had all the tubes bent before hand based on my design. Not shown is a front hoop that goes under the dash and which carries the end of the suspension support. The rear main hoop is a snake as it comes up from the main frame rail bends backward then curves around to the back of the driver and accross and down to the other frame member in the same manner. A lateral bar can be seen which goes frm side to side which carries the triangulated pieces. The rear main hoop is welded to the main 2 x 3 frame and braced with 1/8 inch plate gussets. The lateral is welded to the main hoop and also has two diaghonal braces to the main frame rear cross member. The back of the main hoop has two short tubes down to the rear frame clip. So the cage is well braced at the back. The two main hoops are gusseted as well to prevent any collapse in the event of a roll over. Two sets of diagonals can be seen. Oh, I should mention that I designed this structure using a software analysis package that allowed me to determine loads and deflections in the pipes. All pipes are 1 5/8 dia x 0.134 wall mild steel TIG welded everywhere. All joints are bell shaped fish mouthed made by the DaleWilch joint jigger. Every cage member is grounded directly at the main frame members, nothing is attached to sheet metal. This is an eleven point cage structure. I will put in additional support to keep my head from going between the cage members and of course whereever my body comes in contact will be padded with the NHRA minimum requirement padding.

This is looking aft from the drivers door at the cage and seat. Here you can see the cross bracing and diagonals on the drivers side of the cage. The seat is a RCI unit and is 19 inches wide at the butt. I am a big dude, but this caused me to mount the seat higher that I want it to be. So in the future, I will install a 17 inch wide seat and lower the whole shebang about 5 inches. I'll have to rework the roll cage and make it lower also to reduce drag. I am going to cut the right rib cage seat structure away because it interferes with shifting at this time. Looking just behind you can glimpse the massive tubs.

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