Well, this for sure isn't the manifold shown on previous updates! This is an Edlebrock Torker II that I bought off eBay. Paid $75 for it and iwas painted black and was pretty grungy looking. But all the mating surfaces are good. I used some aircraft paint remover and got most of the gunk off of it, but not all. I took it to a media blasting shop in Las Vegas to have it bead blasted. Man, that was the right place! I walked in back with the owner and there before my very eyes was an original aluminum Cobra body. He was reurbishing it for the owner. I decided that this guy knew what he wa doing and that he could probably handle my dinky aluminum manifold.

The original upper manifold I had fabricated grew to be too complex in mounting the throttle bodies, although, man did it look cool! Getting the throttle actuators to work in unison so that they were both open fully together is a measure of madness. However, I almost had it done when I decided to go this way. Why you ask...well, one day I an going to release this to the Tiger! I will ultimately make it, the Tiger, EFI and this is the manifold I will use, maybe even the complete motor, just only one turbo though...enough of the future, though.

You notice right away that there are some strange pieces on the manifold. Well, most of it is fixturing to hold the bungs in place during welding. When I took the bare block to be cleaned and magnafluxed and the bores measured, I asked the shop to estimate what it would take to weld in some bungs. They wanted 60 shop hours to do it....some mental math at 50 or so bucks an hour and I concluded that "Hey, I can do this myself!" So I purchased bungs and fuel rails from Probe over on Californicator land including the nice blue throttle body adapter plate. I would have had to buy the fuel rails anyway so I bought them and 8 bungs. Bungs were about 40 bucks. I brought the manifold home, measured the spacing from the fuel rails, drilled the bung holes (always wanted to say that!) by hand with my 1/2 inch hand drill, filed to fit and away I go! I will finish by TIG welding them into place and grinding the under sides to fit the manifold runner profile. Nothing else for the fuel injectors is required because the Probe fuel rails have a neat system to hold everything together, even under boost.

Not shown clearly is the throttle cable and throttle valve cables' attachment bracket. I cut this puppy from the Mustang donor and welded the bracket to fit. This is the doohickey screwed to the blue anodized TB adapter plate. The TB shown sitting on the adapter plate is for fitting purposes only. I will have a Holley 95 mm unit as final TB. Just takes money...

Just behind the thermostat housing is the threaded hole where the hot engine water will be plumbed to the twin turbos and then to the 10 gallon tank. Along side of that boss is the boss for the ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor for the EFI. Right above that is the boss for the ACT (air charge temp) sensor. There are several other bosses on water manifolds and runners that also can be used for these.

Not shown, because it is not fabricated yet, is the bonnet for the throttle body. I am making it from a 4 qt cook pot of all things. It will have a single inlet for the combined turbo flow and will fasten to the throttle body mounting plate.

Also not shown is the intercooler (or after cooler if you fall into that camp). I have a standard T-bird intercooler that I am in the process of making into a water /air unit. Unoque will be the fact that I am going to run water where the air normally goes and boost where the cooling air would normally be. These units have some pressure loss when used in the as designed manner. This should eliminate that, plus I can configure it to match my dinky engine compartment.

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