This photo tries to show the installation of the right hand turbo. You are standing at the left front wheel well looking accross the engine. These turbos are from a 1985 T-Bird and as such have the exhaust located in an unfriendly manner. It requires that the unit be located differently and I have decided to mount mine with the turbo flange down as compared to side. While this makes the turbine inlet pipe easier, I makes for a difficult down pipe. If I had to do it over, I would go with a Buick GN type turbo. In any case, the exhaust reaches the turbu through modified block hugger headers. The modification was to cut the header collector flange off and reposition it. I ground all the internal welds for smooth flow. The up pipe is made from a 180 degree bend pipe cut and fitted as required. At the turbo mate interface I used a Precision Turbonetics weld flange. I put a brace from the up pipe to the right hand head accessory mount bolt holes. System is pretty rigid.

As I mentioned, the down pipes are a little more difficult because as you can see this one points inward. I used a donut to make a sharp bend and it now runs down the suspension support and exits out the air dam. There seems to be some discussion that this is not the best way to do this, but what the hey!

This is the installation of the other turbo. It gets it exhaust in the same manner, but, the piping had to clear the steering shaft as well. This turbo is mounted lower that the right turbo because the down pipe would have hit the suspension support. Everything else is about the same though.

What is driving me crazy right now is the installation of the mass air flow meters. I am using two of them to keep the flow balanced between the pair of turbos and each will feed a throttle body. I will be using blow through in the MAFs because I figure you can blow more air through at pressure than can be sucked at atmospheric pressure.

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