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History and Current Status

Our Tiger was born, according to the Book Of Norman, in October of 1964. It was sold to a buyer in Ventura, Ca. in 1966 and is therefore titled and registered as a 1966 Sunbeam Tiger. I purchased the car, as the second owner, in January of 1967 and have owned and maintained it ever since. The Tiger has had a long and sometimes hard life, having been driven to work as a daily driver, being drag raced for the Ford Drag Club, autocrossed to death, and towed all over the country. Our Tiger is now resting and is having her wounds repaired, although for an old beast that is (as of Oct 27th, 2004) 40 years old, she is in remarkably good shape, and purring.

Vital Information
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Interior Dash Interior Seats
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Tiger Rug Under the Hood

The Tiger's History:

  1. Driven to work at Vandenberg AFB, 1967 to 1968
  2. Modified for drag and autocross racing - 1967

  3. The Tiger was campaigned pretty hard in the late 60's and at one time could run C gas in the mid 11's and 120ish mph. Time has fogged my memory some, so be gentle. I do remember, however, that the front wheels could be pulled in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on occasion. Really made people look!

  4. It did not take me long to find out that you cannot drive your race car and you cannot race your daily driver. So, I returned the Tiger back to nearly original condition. The stock motor, a 260 cubic inch, two barrel Ford carb, and a more sedate 3:54 gear ratio. It still has the headers, though, and I still have the 289 resting quitely in the Pahrump, NV Snnbeam work shop. One day I will rebuild it and put it in another car (hmmm, a Series IV Alpine Maybe?) or maybe back in the Tiger with low compression pistons and a turbo

  5. Since 1975, when we moved to Seattle, the car has been resting. In 1997, I replaced all of the old rubber and gaskets, installed new seat vinyl, reupholstered the center console. I've had to rebuild the clutch slave cylinder and the vacuum boost brake unit (Girling 7"). I removed the front crossmember and inspected, re-welded any suspect weak spots. I replaced all the front suspension bushings, tie rod ends and ball joints. The original electric fuel pump went away a long time ago and was replaced with a new solid state unit. I replumbed it to elimnate a lot of flexibility in the fuel lines and to reduce noise (that blasted thing runs pretty near continously!).

  6. In all the years I have owned the Tiger, it has always been titled and licensed for the road. You never can tell when you might need a good Tiger..My wife and I are now beginning to drive it to special functions, such as club meetings and golf. By the way, the paint on the car is Omaha Orange, a 1969 Plymouth color. I had it cherried out and painted because it was hard to see and people would park next to me and ding it with their car doors. The car was originally Midnight Blue.

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