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History and Current Status

Major news! Well kinda old now, but at the Utah Salt Flats Racing Associations World of Speed event in September 2010, the car was successful in attaining my goal. After making a really bad trial run on September 15th, I corrected some issues and made another run on the 16th. I was tentative at first, but by half way or so into the third mile, the motor was running well and I went into the last timed mile at approximately 198 mph and exited the last mile with a mile average of 204.912 mph! The exit speed was 210.779 mph as I recall. I was invited but the TEAE Sunbeam organization to make a presentation to them at their annual meeting in 2011 and I did. The link below is an Adobe file of that presentation and it includes far more information on the activities of those 2 days. Just click on the file name and it should download to your computer where you can save it or open in your browser if you have Adobes reader. It is a fun and slightly embarassing read, lol

Download The Presntation for the World of Speed Event

Our Alpine was purchased from a Huntsville, Alabama resident in late summer of 1997. He had purchased the car as a parts car for a project. It was in very bad shape which made it perfect for this project.

Vital Information
Bonneville Sunbeam Picture Gallery
Humble Beginnings
Frame Installation & Massive Surgery!
December 1999 Status Pix's!
November, 2002 Status & Pictures!
August, 2003 Status & Pictures!

Modifications & Status:

  1. The car was stripped and sand blasted. Big dings removed.
  2. The front cross member has been removed.

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