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Frame Installation Pictures

I finally got off of my butt and started the real work on frame installation. I had gotten into the mode of "If I cut it, there's not turning back." Well, I have cut it, man, have I cut it! I had preliminarily cut the frame into the X-member and had righted the body/chassis. When I leveled it up with the Art Morrison frame at it's design ride height of 5.25 inches, the front fender was 3 inches to high. So, flipped it back over, and got the acetelyne wrench out once again. This time, I cut it enough to fit well. I havent, righted it yet but will on Saturday 1/2/99. There is many, many remove and replace motions to get everything to fit. The frame is now welded in and it would take a lot to remove it.

Picture Gallery
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Frame/Chassis Front View Fender Wells Cut Out
Another Front View Front Cross Member Cuts/Welds
Rear Cross Member Cuts/Welds Center Cross Member Cuts/Welds
Rear View - Missing Metal Rear Frame Cross Member
Off Angle - Frame/Chassis

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